Stages of Development

“The WLFD R.O.C. CHAPTER” is one of the WLFD founding members. It is also the one that supports the League the most. It comprises some three hundred and twenty social groups, such as political parties, Assemblies, academic associations, cultural societies, religious groups, agricultural unions, labor unions, businessmen unions, young people, overseas Chinese, women unions, and so forth. The incumbent President is Mr. Yao, Eng-chi.

The WLFD is descended from the Asian Pacific Anti-Communist League (APACL), which was established in 1954 under the joint sponsorship of the President Chiang Kai-shek of the Republic of China, President Syngman Rhee of the Republic of Korea and President Elpidio Quirino of the Republic of the Philippines. At that time it was only an organization of the Asia Pacific region. For its lofty ideals and far-reaching purposes, it was widely acclaimed by people around the world, and the organization continually expanded in scope until it became an international organization in 1967 with the name “World Anti-Communist League” (WACL). In 1990, by a resolution adopted at its 22nd Annual Conference, this organization was renamed as “World League for Freedom and Democracy”(WLFD). Since then, the WLFD has gone into a new era. The WLFD now has members from all parts of the world. Her member units amount to 139; “The WLFD R.O.C. CHAPTER” is one of them.