Missions and Directions

The mission that the WLFD R.O.C. CHAPTER has been working on is to spread the spirit of democracy and freedom to every corner of the world; in addition, the WLFD R.O.C. CHAPTER is also helping the R.O.C. Government with her diplomatic efforts.Under the guidance of the government and with her decades of experience, the R.O.C. Chapter will continue to make every effort to:

Actively promote the movement of democracy and freedom, and expand the WLFD’s influence

In accordance with our national policies, coupled with the international democratic and free strength, extend our international engagement and increment our international status.
Through the WLFD organization, the WLFD R.O.C. Chapter is actively seeking connections and engagements with think tank of every country, discussing international issues and exchanging points of view; at the same time, to increase substantial relationships.

To play an important role as a bridge for R.O.C. government and non-government organizations, the WLFD R.O.C. Chapter frequently invites parliamentarians and political leaders from other countries to exchange points of view and experience.
In order to help China become democratic and free, the WLFD R.O.C. chapter cooperates with China’s exiled democratic dissident leaders and friends from international community to exchange views and ideas to work together.