APLFD Newsletter

APLFD Newsletter 201402
To: All APLFD Members
From: APLFD Secretariat
Date: July 7, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Time flies, and now only another six months left before the conclusion of the year of 2014. We do hope everything going on your side is fine and as planned for an abundant harvest before the year ended.

For your information, those updated League affairs included :

1.Korea Chapter Celebrating its 60th Birthday

The Korea Chapter, the first League Chapter born after the founding of this League, will celebrate its 60th birthday on September 17. The Korea Chapter, the Korean Freedom Federation (KFF), was founded on June 18,1954 in Seoul, just right after the League’s founding conference in Chinhae in southern Korea on June 15 to 17, 1954.

As we all know, the Chinhae Conference opened by President Syngman Rhee of Korea, was attended by delegates from Korea, the ROC, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao and Ryukyu (Okinawa), and chaired by Mr. Young P. Lee, the First Commissioner of the Liberty Party of Korea.

The KFF, originally planned to have the birthday celebration in June, but eventually decided to postpone the celebration to mid September after the tragedy of the sinking of the Sewol Ferry near the Jeju Island of Korea in April that casted a dark shadow over the nation in the mourning of those hundreds of students died in the accident.

In case you would like to send our Korean friends a message, you may send it to Mr. Cho Jae Wan, Manager of Overseas Organization of the KFF, at .

2. A Democratic Fiji in the Coming

From Fiji, our old friend, Mr. Hemendra Nagin, Chairman of the Fiji Chapter, sent in an encouraging news that Fiji, after a suspension of eight years, will have its new national election on September 17. Our friends in Fiji are having a high hope for this coming election, hoping this could be the return of a Democratic Fijian once again. Fiji is under the military rule since 2006.

3.Greetings from Rama of India

Our most senior member, Mr. Rama Swarup of India, sent a warm greetings to the Secretariat in May, informing us that he is well and active as usual. He welcomed the League to have a conference or a meeting in India in the not too distant future. Mr. Rama believed that the Modi Government of India will bring about a new India.

4.A Tribute to Dear Billy of Manila

From Manila, we learnt a sad news that Mr. Billy Y. Chan, the former Secretary General of the Philippines Chapter, was passed away recently. Billy, as he was commonly known, was a warm hearted person, always trying to help those who are in need. Raised in Manila, he was a friendship building bridge between the Filipino community and the Chinese community. In his own way, he has served the Philippines and the Chinese community with a true heart. He first joined our League as the Deputy Secretary General of the Philippines Chapter in 1985, and later was appointed as the Secretary General. He was the key figure in promoting the Philippines Chapter’s affairs during 1980s and 1990s. He contributed a lot to the success of our Manila conferences in 1990 and 1998. He will be remembered by all his friends as a True Friend.

5.Secretariat Removed

From July 1, the office of the APLFD Secretariat has removed to :

261, 6/F, Tunhua South Road, Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan. It is in the same building of its old office. Telephone number and the e-mail address,, remain the same.