APLFD Newsletter

APLFD Newsletter 201501
To: APLFD Members
From: APLFD Secretariat
Date: January 13 2015

Dear Colleagues,

At last, the year of 2014 has gone.

The year of 2014 was a rough year for the APLFD Secretariat. The hard time was caused by the same old issue of a funding shortage. But the Secretariat was not forsaken. Under the support of those true Members, we managed to keep survive, and proud to have made something, even not a big thing, out of nothing.

While wishing all of you a good year in the new year of 2015, we now bring you the updated news of the League affairs as follows:

  1. 2014 Asia Pacific Round Table Held in Malaysia

The 2014 Asia Pacific Round Table, under the theme of “Economic and Political Development in Asia and Pacific “ was successfully held on December 20 to 22, 2014 at the Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Twenty-five delegates from 11 countries and district attended the meeting. Messages were received from Datuk Sri Hasan Malek, Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism of Malaysia; and Mr. Ray Tenorio, the Lieutenant Governor of Guam.

At the meeting, Professor Arthur S. Ding, Director of the International Relations Institute of the National Chengchi University of Taiwan, was the key-note speaker. Also, Mr. Steve Chen, a Director of the Taiwan Business Association in Hong Kong, presented his report on the recent “Occupy Central (District) Incident “ in Hong Kong (demonstration for a direction election of Hong Kong Chief Executive(Administrator). And Mr. Jen Lomethong presented his observations on the coming Myanmar election in 2015, while Mr. Seng Hkum Nhkum, an advisor of regional project of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), delivered a speech on Myanmar and international Powers at the Closing.

  1. Publication of the “Six Decades of the APLFD (1954-2014)”

As we all know, 2014 is the 60th anniversary of the founding of this League which was formed in 1954 in Chinhae, South Korea. But due to financial difficulties and some other reasons, there was no special event nor any celebration to mark the day. Even so, the Secretariat still managed to publish a 54-page-book titled “Six Decades of the APLFD (1954-2014)”. For money saving, there is no color, no photos in the book. But in between the lines, you will find those forgotten stories and fond memories that cherished by the League members. It is a book dedicated to those who have shared their moments with the APLFD.

  1. Korea Chapter Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

    To celebrate its 60th anniversary, our Korea Chapter, the Korea Freedom Federation (KFF), held a mass gathering at its headquarter at the Freedom Center in Seoul on September 17, 2014. The gathering was led by Mr. Sang Hyun Yoon, acting President of the KFF, and attended by some 2,000 people from 400 branches around the country. The celebrations was scheduled in June, but the KFF postponed the event to September due to a national mourning over the lost of hundreds of life in a sea tragedy when a passenger ferry, named Sewol, was sunk off the Korean resort island of Jeju last April.

  2. Fiji Returns to the Road of Democracy

    From Fiji, our nice friend, Mr. Hemendra Nagin sent a good news that the Fiji General Election, held last September after a suspension of eight years, was smooth and successful. Mr. Nagin, the Chairman of our Fiji Chapter, is happy with the result of the election. He said the democratic election has brought peace and stability for his country. In the new Fiji Parliament of 50 seats, the First Party of Fiji won 32 seats, while two opposition parties split the remaining 18 seats.

  3. Philippine Chapter has a New Name

    Under the leadership of General Federico Ruiz, the Philippine Chapter has changed its name to the ”Philippine Council for World Freedom and Democracy, replacing its old name the Philippine Council for World Freedom. It also has a new Board of Directors with new blood.

  1. Congratulations to our True Friend, Ray Tenorio of Guam

    From Guam, we have the good news that Mr. Ray Tenorio, the Honorary Chairman of our Gaum Chapter, was re-elected as the Lieutenant Governor of Guam during the Guam general election held on November 4, 2014. Mr. Tenorio has been a strong supporter of this League since he joined us in 2012.

  1. An Honour for Thomas Lee of Malaysia

    Our old friend, Mr. Thomas Hong Chye Lee of Malaysia, was honoured last December with a title of A.M.N. by the Malaysia Government for his long year contribution to the country in promoting the friendship among Malay and the Chinese community. In short, A.M.N., in Malay, means the Guardian of the State. Mr. Lee is the Secretary General of our Malaysia Chapter. Through him, many Malaysian friends were introduced to our League since 1987.

  1. ROC Chapter has its New Secretary General

    Before the year of 2014 ended, the ROC Chapter, on December 13, named Mr. Hsieh, Wen-Huang as its new Secretary General. Mr. Hsieh, 55, joined the ROC Chapter in 2006, first as its Deputy Secretary General, and later its Secretary General, until 2012 when

    he took up his new assignment as Director of the Office of the Secretary General of the Presidential Office of ROC (Taiwan). Mr. Hsieh is very supportive to the APLFD. It is believed that his new role will help the promotion of the League affairs.

  1. Palau Warmly Greeted by Friends

    Last October, President Tommy Remengesu Jr. of Palau, paid a private visit to Guam, during which a lunch in his honour was hosted by Mr. Joseph Kai-Yuan Hsu, Chairman of our Guam Chapter. Mr. Hsu informed us that the lunch was informal, but warm. At the same time, Mr. Truong Quang Si, Chairman of our Vietnam Chapter paid a visit to Palau in October to join the National Day Celebrations of Palau. Mr. Truong said he is an old friend of Palau since late 1970s.